TranzIT’s co-founder has managed client’s fleets for over 15 years with a single tenant software, based on this experience we have created this multi-tenant software to provide you as a fleet manager all the tools necessary to maintain your fleet and keep you in compliance.

Our software will make your job easier as it connects you with your drivers, mechanics and provide you with all the data and maintenance records needed to stay on top of your vehicles. With customizable preventive maintenance schedules that will send you alerts as services become due and also real time alerts from flagged items on DVIRs or reports from drivers you will never miss a needed PM or repair. As services or repairs are needed TranzIT will connect you with your mechanic shop or outside vendors.


With our software solution and application we put everything at your finger tips! Therefore, you will no longer need to rely on spreadsheets, whiteboards and overwhelming amounts of paperwork.

Together Jared and Tyler realized that there was a great need for a fleet management software that provides easy yet effective applications for you as driver, fleet manager, mechanic, business owner or independent contractor. Therefore, they created TranzIT a software solution that provides a complete understanding of your full operating cost.

  • PM scheduling.
  • DOT compliance.
  • Extensive reporting.
  • Industry standards.
  • & much more.
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