With roughly 680,000 owner operators in the United States alone we know that you are vital to the transportation industry yet there isn’t an application that meets your needs or all other softwares out there focus on larger fleets? Well, TranzIT see’s you and we are focusing on providing you with an app that will meet all of your needs.

Between DVIR’s, trip logs, fuel tax reporting, DOT, BIT inspections, repairs/maintenance tracking and the list goes on we know you have a lot to keep track of when you should just be able to focus on the road. Therefore, our application puts everything at your fingertips in a quick easy application that will remove those burdens from you so can relax and focus on the road. The TranzIT solution will also track each cost associated with running your truck providing you with the cost per mile reporting you need to help you be more competitive in biding out your loads and increase your revenue.


With the ability to ditch paper logs, remove worry and put everything into a single application at your fingertips for such a low cost, no wonder the owner operators we work with say TranzIT is a “no brainer”.

Together Jared and Tyler realized that there was a great need for a fleet management software that provides easy yet effective applications for you as driver, fleet manager, mechanic, business owner or independent contractor. Therefore, they created TranzIT a software solution that provides a complete understanding of your full operating cost.

  • PM scheduling.
  • DOT compliance.
  • Extensive reporting.
  • Industry standards.
  • & much more.
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